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Open Letter to Mrs Michel Bachelet

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


Ms. Michel Bachelet

High Commissioner for Human Rights

United Nations

Execution of Navid Afkari

The cowardly act of murdering Mr. Navid Afkari proves to the world that the Islamic Republic of Iran shuns all global and national pleas in carrying out its inhumane agenda.

It is inconceivable that the United Nations has been courting a representative of this murderous regime, thus granting legitimacy to this savagery.

Silence in the presence of brutality and injustice is tantamount to implied consent.

Continued silence goes beyond an implication of consent, rising to the level of aiding and abetting the criminal conduct.

In its four decades, the Islamic Republic has become infamous for such murders. These acts are intended to silence the citizens of Iran.

The overwhelming majority of these citizens have been praying for the United Nations to step in and take meaningful action against this continued brutality.

They wait for you to deliver them from the depths of the dungeon in which they have been abandoned.

Our organization cannot bear to hear from another Iranian mother whose child was raped or murdered to establish precedence, or to exact revenge upon an Iranian citizen for voicing a disagreement.

Knowledgeable to these truths, the United Nations remains curiously silent.

As the voice of Iranian women, we strongly urge the United Nations to take the harshest response against the Islamic Republic.

We suggest the termination, or suspension, of the Islamic Republic’s membership status at the United Nations.


Homa Ehsan Chairman of the Board of Directors (WOI)

Rozita Manteghi Head of Public Relations (WOI)

Board of Directors

Homa Ehsan

Parvaneh Farid

Narges Jalali

Fariba MajdNia

Rozita Manteghi

Fatmeh Minaei

Parry Sabahat

Foorogh Shams

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